The Notepad Vol. 3: On FightingWatch now (4 min) | Kickboxing helped me deal with PTSD, made me a better, more disciplined person
In public, the CAQ is distancing itself from PDF Quebec — a group that advocates for conversion therapy and targets trans women online. In private…
The Notepad: Vol. 2Watch now (2 min) | The latest fad diet AND an update on the eviction of a homeless encampment
Facing another eviction notice, the plaintiffs include a pregnant woman, a cancer patient and a man with a terminal illness
This week: Quebec Liberals on Life Support, A Hockey Fight Saga and Something Funny
Behind the scenes, Quebec has fought for years to weaken Indigenous authority over their own land. Now that battle is spilling out into the public.
After years of fighting to preserve a Gorilla Park in Marconi-Alexandra, two working artists are being run out of the neighbourhood
BONUS: Keep Montreal WeirdWatch now (3 min) | A short video about sharing a house with beatniks
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