Oct 15, 2021 • 18M

Introducing: The Rover, a Podcast...

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Interviews, field recordings, mischief.
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Last winter, I went to Val-d’Or with a song in my heart, a jump in my step and $600 worth of audio recording equipment. In fact, I nearly cut off my finger opening the box while driving. I bled all over myself and the steering wheel but we must suffer for our art.

After several failed attempts at turning my field recordings into a podcast, veteran producer James Archer took over and helped create something special. This episode is a visceral, livelier version of reporting I had done last March. It takes on addiction, land dispossession and homelessness in Quebec’s gold mining capital.

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These podcasts are expensive to produce. I’m not going to put a number on it but let’s say this episode cost more than $1 and less than $2,500. Of course, a lot of that is up front equipment costs but if we’re going to keep doing this, we need to put more dollars together.

Anyhow, with that vulgar request for money out of the way, I hope you enjoy.

Your friend,