The Notepad: Vol. 2

The latest fad diet AND an update on the eviction of a homeless encampment

Mar 22, 2023
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Editor’s Note: Hopefully the video counts for the Something Funny section of this column but if it didn’t make you laugh, feel free to say so. I blame Jay if that’s the case but singlehandedly accept all your praise if it isn’t. You get to be that way when you’re the boss.

A Pretty Big Story

The Quebec government has agreed to negotiate with the unhoused people living in tents under the Ville Marie Expressway rather than merely evict them.

Lawyers for the Transport Ministry vowed Wednesday to find apartments for people living in the encampment instead of fighting them in court. This comes less than a week after the camp sued ministry over the eviction, arguing that to force vulnerable people back onto the streets is a violation of their Charter right to life, liberty, safety and dignity.

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