Sitemap - 2021 - The Rover

The Rover: Christmas Baking Edition

Another Christmas in the Opioid Crisis

On Dead Dogs and Living Uncles

How do we Solve the Ongoing Crisis of Femicides?

Tensions escalate in illegal dumping scheme

Thoughts and Prayers in Cabot Square

Montreal Police and Mental Health 'a Bad Mix'

Whose Land is it Anyway?

Homeless Woman Found Dead in Montreal Construction Site

"The Triumph of Stupidity"

To be Young, Gifted and Indigenous

Destroying Partisan Politics with a Smile

Canada's Gun Lobby Takes on "Enemy" Federal Government

Can one mistake undo Will Prosper's political career?

Introducing: The Rover, a Podcast...

Calling bullshit on François Legault's "compassion" for First Nations

On Dead Birds and Live Babies

NEWS: Native Women’s Shelter, partners cut ties with Batshaw youth protection

"Am I still a Quebecer?"

Born again in Milton-Parc

Bar fights, bigotry and Quebec bashing

Life in a community without running water, electricity

Let's change the news

The PPC, political violence and conspiracy theories

Getting Punched in the Face: the Secret to Justin Trudeau's Debate Prep

Friday Prayers in Papineau


Federal Election: Why Aren't we Talking About the Opioid Epidemic?

Field Recordings, a podcast by The Rover

Down and Out in Montreal's Never-Ending Housing Crisis

Mr. Singh Goes to Quebec

Melissa Ridgen Kicks Ass, Takes Names

Dumpster Fire '21: Your craziest election stories, a housing crisis and much more

Canada Votes: Dumpster Fire '21

Meet the migrant workers who keep Quebec's farms from going "bankrupt"

The Rover: Exclusive Interview with Canada's first Innu Senator

On Patrol with the Wolf Pack

The Rover: Bonus! Sneak peak at a new book

Anishinaabe "still fighting" for Barrière Lake

The Rover: Hope in a Hard Place

The Rover: I don't believe in black magic or Ronald Reagan

The Rover: On being a coward

Cancel Canada Day?

The Rover: Blood on our Hands

The Rover: Get Young or Die Trying

The Rover: it isn't Quebec bashing to call out islamophobia

If this isn't genocide, what is?

The Rover: an award-winning project

The Rover: the rent is too damn high

The Rover: reporters who carry knives

The Rover and Stockholm syndrome

The Rover: babies, birds and politics

The Rover: street fighting do's and don'ts

The Rover minds its manners

The Rover and the "Thin Blue Line" myth

The Rover does... fatherhood

The Rover: the CAQ jumps several sharks

The role I've played in spreading racism

The Rover ( nearly) loses a finger

The Rover takes your calls

The Rover takes a chill pill

The Rover and a government that bends reality

The Rover gets personal… again

The Rover and the mysterious case of the disappearing column

The Rover: F*ck you, Bell Media

The Rover: small victories, big losses

The Rover: a letter from François Legault

The Rover burns a bridge or two

The Rover: people will do the right thing